We are the Friends of Bay Minette

We love the community of Bay Minette. It's the place we call home, and we share that space with our local wildlife. The Friends of Bay Minette were formed to work toward the preservation of our beloved community, including all that nature has to offer. With the many species of plants and animals native to this area, it's our responsibility to ensure that their home stays intact and protected for generations to come.

We want to preserve our natural habitat so that our wildlife can thrive. While development for human use is necessary at times, it's also essential to protect our natural world. Population growth is still on the rise, and with that comes increased consumption of our natural resources. This is an unsustainable truth that is damaging our planet's biodiversity. We can only maintain biodiversity by putting an end to habitat destruction, controlling invasive species, and working to counteract climate change. If we don't preserve our biodiversity, we will see species of our precious wildlife headed to extinction at an alarming rate: In fact, the sad truth is that we already are. Some scientists believe we are currently in the midst of a mass extinction, a tragic consequence of human development. This is why we take pride in what we do. We aim to protect our land and wildlife from this fate so we can learn to live in unison. It's important to step up in our community and protect those who don't have a voice to speak for themselves. Without preservation efforts, we could see the world we love and cherish slip away into nonexistence, a reality we are poised to fight against.

Our mission is to step up as the protector of Bay Minette's nature and give a voice to those who can't be heard. We hope to encourage others in our community to get involved and take serious steps toward conserving the ecosystem that surrounds us. We are blessed to have such beautiful land to call our home, but it is our responsibility to keep it that way.