About Us

Who We Are

When there's a worthwhile cause, a magnetism brews and pulls together like-minded individuals. That's how the Friends of Bay Minette were born. We are a group of local residents that are proud of our community and surrounding land. We have teamed together to preserve the natural elements of Bay Minette, the place we all call home. We are a circle of people who care deeply about maintaining the biodiversity in our area, an ecosystem that needs our assistance to survive in the new world we have shaped.

Our team of involved and motivated individuals is what keeps us moving forward with our efforts. Without the help of our administrative team, listed below, we wouldn't be able to do what we love and help preserve Bay Minette's nature and its future.

  • James Austin
  • Michelle Bass
  • Joseph Crowder
  • Roger Jarvis
  • Stephanie Martin
  • Ruth Platt
  • Michael Roseberry

Our Mission

Our mission is to support nature preservation efforts in Bay Minette, AL, by encouraging others to get involved. We aim to educate the community on arising environmental issues so we can evolve our community's consumption habits and build respect for the natural world.

Our Values

We value the biodiversity and conservation of our precious planet. Our purpose is vital to the residents and local wildlife of Bay Minette, protecting and preserving the natural beauty of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta and beyond so future generations can enjoy the land as we do today, with respect, love, and understanding.


So far, we have hosted community cleanup events, awareness walks at Live Oak Landing, seminars, and other events to inform our community of the issues our environment is currently facing, both on a local and global scale. One of the best methods to combat environmental damage is to educate the public with facts and solutions for preventing the continuation of destructive habits. Many don't know how high the stakes really are, so all of our events and outreach start with the goal of increasing awareness and providing educational support on subjects related to natural preservation.

Outreach to Youth

The community's youth are some of our greatest advocates. We value their assistance tremendously, knowing that they are the future leaders of this world. When the younger generation is educated and involved, they can pave the way for a future we all hope to see. The youth of Bay Minette can speak to their school counselors or leaders of clubs to spark further contributions to natural preservation.

Selfless service not only benefits mental health, giving a feeling of accomplishment and a valued purpose, but it can also support future education goals. By helping with a trash pick-up day, volunteering to help lead some of the events in your area, or attending educational seminars to pass on your knowledge to others, you can tally community service hours and support wildlife. We like to have fun with our conservation efforts, so come and meet others like you while spending time in nature!

Health and Wellness

The Friends of Bay Minette hope to do more than just spread awareness and educate about environmental preservation in our community. We also hope to inspire you and others to get outside more, connecting with nature and all it has to offer. There are many ways to spend time outside, like walking, running, bicycling, playing sports, or just hanging out in the sun. Regular experiences like these are beneficial for your mind and body. Studies have even shown that spending time in the great outdoors can lower blood pressure, decrease stress, boost your mood, and reduce your risk of cancer. So take advantage of our local hiking trails, go for a swim, play at the beach, or spend some time at the park. Being outside builds respect for our world's natural beauty, something we all often take for granted.