About Bay Minette

The beautiful city of Bay Minette, AL, is in North Baldwin County, surrounded by gorgeous pine forests and the home of a booming timber industry. Our ideal location gives us close access to Mobile and its adjoining bay but positions us far enough out to keep our natural charm intact. We have the luxury of enjoying numerous local parks or taking a quick trip to Mobile Bay when the open sea calls.

Baldwin County is known for its fertile soil and moderate temperatures. This, in turn, has led us to become one of the most prominent farming regions in the state. Soybeans, potatoes, wheat, pecans, and cattle have contributed tremendously to our economy over the years. The beautiful landscapes attract lots of wildlife, and our fantastic climate encourages us to spend time outside all year round.

Nature is a large part of our community here in Bay Minette. In fact, almost three-quarters of Baldwin County is forest land, a staggering percentage that gives our region its breathtaking natural beauty. In the late 19th and 20th centuries, the forests were what kept our town growing. The most significant enterprise at the time was the production of tar and pitch for naval ships. A wood processing plant that produced turpentine, resin, and pine oil from the forest's trees was the only large employer in Bay Minette at the time, giving great purpose to the land we call home.

In 1861, Bay Minette welcomed its early settlers. When the Louisville & Nashville Railroad made its way to the area, visitors fell in love with the forested location near the rivers and the bay. Because Bay Minette was close enough to urban areas, offered new land to settle on, and presented secure employment opportunities, early visitors decided to stay and form the community we know today. The railroad became an essential part of the area during this time, allowing our early settlers to create more jobs and build a home for future generations.

There's history sprinkled all around our community, so it's easy to find Civil War sites and other early structures to explore, some a short hike away and others positioned right in the middle of town. Locations such as the Kilcreas House, Fort Louis de la Louisiane, and the L&N railroad depot are popular destinations for visitors and residents. Antebellum homes and war cemeteries decorate our area, creating a sense of preserved history within the city limits. These places attract history-lovers and hikers alike, offering unique experiences.

Today, our community consists of approximately 8,500 residents within the city limits and 20,000 in the surrounding area. The Bay Minette area hosts many great events throughout the year, like the Tour for Toys motorcycle run and re-enactments at Fort Mims. We also have a skate park, ballparks, playgrounds, and a public pool for our residents to enjoy. There are many ways to get outside and relish the beauty of our town. The environment encourages oneness with nature and our neighbors, and we are proud to call it our home.